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The Related Stores Link Builder generates a dynamic list of all open stores linked to your Printfection account. For example, the links below are my open stores.

If you open a new store, it will appear in this list automatically, if you close a store or set it to hidden, it will be removed from the list. This is the first add on available that uses the Pritfection API.


Step 1: Authorize

This Printfection store addon uses the Printfection API. Click the Authorize button below to link it to your Printfection Account.

Step 2: Copy the Javascript Code

Copy the code from the box below and paste it into your store's base HTML at the position that you would like it to display your other store links.

You must Authorize linking to your account first.</script>

This code is specific to your Printfection Account.

Step 3: Style the links

This Printfection store add on outputs a link to each of your stores. These links can be styled using the "storeLink" class:

.storeLink {display: block; margin-bottom: 3px; border: 2px solid #000}

Terms of Use

As this add on only requires read access to your account, it can be used freely on any store or other website that allows javascript to be used. It does not access or store any information from your Printfection Account.



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